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Minutes from April 6, 2011 Meeting

Posted Monday, April 11, 2011 by Henrietta /Patti
Minutes from April 06,2011
Meeting was held at the High School @ 7:00 PM
5 Members present

Coaches Corner:

Thanks to John Musumeci the Kettle balls and the Rope bracket was purchased and installed in the Weight room! We appreciate his diligence in getting this project done!

The floor mats are on hold, for now since the floor may be replaced.

Food pantry is April 9th, 2011 at 8:30 AM at the Presbyterian Church in Goshen - Please encourage your son to help with this community service.

The Mid Hudson St Patrick's Day was attended by approximately 15 players, to sell Raffle tickets. Thanks boys, coach, and parents for your support, many tickets were sold!

Updates from the Association:

Raffle tickets are still being sold. If you would like to purchase some, please contact Coach Elliot. We are wrapping this fund raiser up, so the time is limited. Also, if your son has his 20 tickets-that was delegated to him, please have him turn them in, to Coach Elliot, with the sold stubs and the money.

The Sponsorship letters are being solicited. If you know someone who would like to sponsor the Goshen Gladiator Football Team, be sure to contact Seth Nahoum for the forms that have been prepared.

Are ANNUAL WELCOME EVENT is being scheduled for May 21st, providing there is no conflicts. More information will be coming forthwith.

Also, mark your calendars for the dinner that is provided by the players in Goshen, on July 30, 2011-This is a community dinner that requires that players to bring something to share for the less fortunate in our community. It is a very rewarding service.

The fund raiser at the JV games has been put on hold! Due to the lack of support from the parents we have decided that this is no longer being supported.

Several new fund raisers that are being looked into are:

Applebee's pancake breakfast

G.W. bowling night in Chester

Modell's 10%- program that gives non profit organizations dates with purchases made a 10% check of the total sales.

Website renewal. The renewal is about to expire at the end of April. Looking to see if it is necessary to carry the Link for advertisement is necessary. This may reduce the $400.00 yearly cost.

The wonderful Sweatshirt sale will begin in August! We have already had individuals looking to purchase them that have been out of the program.

The first game is scheduled for September 03, 2011 against Burke. This is before school starts on September 06, 2011, and we are looking into possibly doing a spaghetti dinner for the much looked for event. Since Warwick is off this season's schedule, which is when the spaghetti dinner was always a tradition we are looking into this year doing it for the Burke game.

Currently looking into Varsity Jackets: Cost and provider

Treasury Report:

The books are currently being audited by Joseph M Sosler and Associates in Goshen.

Balance $ 5,578.52

Purchases: $ 562.30 for the Kettle balls and Rope and bracket

Goshen Touchdown meeting will be held at the High School May 04, 2011 at 7:00 PM! Please mark your calendars! We really need your help! This Society has come so far. The funds are all used in order to supplement the costs for your sons in - scholarships - weight room supplies - possibly camps - "dinner's" for road trip games - defer banquet costs - provide funds for coaches camp -tailgating -to mention a few. The 5 Members that attend each meeting are those who's son's are going to be Senior's next year. We encourage each of you to help with providing any help and assistance with becoming a part of this great group organization. The foundation has been established but we need leaders to continue to carry the torch in making the Goshen Touchdown Club a ongoing mission for Goshen Football Gladiators.

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